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India Pavilion at Expo 2020

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Information Credit by CNN

Sustainability Pavilion

Designed by Grimshaw Architects, the Sustainability Pavilion is a net-zero energy building that generates and recycles its own resources.

Nearly 5,000 solar panels cover the pavilion roof and solar “trees,” which rotate with the arc of the sun for maximum light exposure. Another “tree” will harvest water by condensing air humidity, an innovative irrigation system will water the gardens, and wastewater will be recycled. The pavilion is partly buried, keeping it cooler than its surroundings.

Opportunity Pavilion

Designed by AGI Architects, the Opportunity Pavilion will feature an intricate cantilevered roof and is modeled around a central plaza.

The five buildings comprising the pavilion will be wrapped in over 4,000 square meters of flexible ceramic fabric and inside, visitors will be offered the chance to become “agents of change” to help end poverty, protect nature and promote peace.

Mobility Pavilion

Designed by Foster + Partners, the Mobility Pavilion will include the world’s largest passenger elevator within its tricorn shape, and an amphitheatre outside.

Taking in the grand sweep of human travel, from man’s first journeys to its voyages beyond Earth, the pavilion will preview superfast hyperloop technology and look ahead to Mars missions, while a 340-meter circuit will allow demonstrations of the latest mobility innovations.