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Aims & Objectives

To undertake activities and provide facilities for scientific and / or economic research for the development and / or extension of knowledge in the following fields of ◊ Energy ◊ Environment ◊ Infrastructure Construction :-

  • To sponsor, promote and / or undertake research projects in the aforementioned sectors.
  • To present an accurate image of the aforementioned sectors of Indian industry, both in India and abroad.
  • To represent to Governments, Legislative bodies, Chambers of Commerce and other authorities in such manner as may be deemed expedient and conducive for the promotion of the aforementioned industry’s interest as well as to act as a catalyst for its modernization and technology upgradation.
  • To promote, sponsor and / or organize international exhibitions and trade fairs concerning the aforementioned sectors of the Indian industry.
  • To organize or participate in congresses, seminars, symposia, lectures, workshops, debates, meetings or discussions, conferences, on subjects relating to aforementioned sectors of the Indian industry.
  • To organize lecture tours or educational tours of industrialists, technicians, scientists and / or students or sponsor delegations of Indian technicians and experts abroad.
  • To sponsor and organize visits to India of delegations from abroad to seek their expertise and counsel for any one or more of the aforementioned sectors of industry in India and thereby encourage, promote and develop exports of both services and products.
  • To establish libraries and information systems for the benefit of the aforementioned sectors of Indian industry.
  • To present awards or prizes to individuals, institutions or organizations, companies or firms or any other body of persons for their outstanding work in the field covered by this Foundation.